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3 Ways Families Can Get Involved in Addiction Recovery

3 Ways Families Can Get Involved in Addiction Recovery

By In Addiction Recovery, Family Based Recovery
Posted March 24, 2016

At one point, the only involvement families had in the addiction recovery journey was to arrange an intervention for their struggling loved one, or to send an encouraging letter to them in treatment. Apart from this, families in the past have been largely detached from the process.

Today, we are beginning to grasp the significance of family involvement in recovery.

We’ve entered into a new chapter on healing and success in sobriety.

Why Should Families Get Involved in Recovery?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there is a positive correlation between relapse and social support. The risk, and occurrence of, relapse are significantly reduced when the family is supporting and involved in recovery.

There are also many other benefits of engaging in recovery. Some of which are:

  • It provides healthy motivation for your loved one in treatment.
  • It allows everyone to become educated on the effects of addiction on family, how treatment will help your loved one achieve sobriety, and what to expect when treatment is finished.
  • It provides a safe environment for the family to voice feelings and concerns and to pose any questions they may have.
  • It allows the addict the opportunity to understand how the family experienced the addiction.
  • It aids in resolving anger, fear, confusion or stress caused by addiction.
  • It provides knowledge of enabling or codependent behaviors to avoid.
  • It equips the family with strategies for self care, and helping your loved one navigate sobriety.

Family based treatment provides a balanced focus on working through your own hurt and issues, and supporting your loved one’s recovery.

Three Ways to Get Involved With Addiction Recovery

At The Shores Treatment and Recovery Center we offer three different ways to get involved with your loved one’s recovery:

  1. Weekly psychoeducational / supportive phone call sessions.

Our phone conference program consists of a pre-program survey (to evaluate your level of prior knowledge), 12 consecutive weeks of curriculum covering all facets of addiction in the family, and a post-program survey (to assess your understanding of addiction after the program is completed).

  1. Weekly family systems and structured family recovery interventions.

Family groups will take place once per week and cover material taught by our family based recovery director Dr. Laura, and Denise.

  1. 3 Day family retreats.

Our three day family retreats are where the families will really be able to engage with the recovery process in a hands-on way. The retreat will include:

  • Orientation with therapists, admissions and clinical
  • Lunch with the family counselor and director
  • Face to face counseling sessions
  • Community meeting with special speaker
  • Case manager meeting with family to address the plan of action
  • Meeting with alumni coordinator to create ongoing point of connection post-retreat

Post-Treatment Life

Just as your loved one begins to approach their graduation from the program, we will start working with them to form their Offshore Plan. Because it can be difficult and confusing to transition home after living in the recovery community, the Offshore Plan is a necessary tool for success. Together, they will work their case manager to assess all areas of their home life and create a plan of action.

Recovery is a constant “work in progress.” We continue to learn, and grow into better versions of ourselves each day. The same applies to the family’s recovery. It is important to stay connected with the recovery community, and to form an aftercare plan of your own for successful growth in the family.

The Shores Treatment and Recovery Center

For more information on our Family Based Recovery program please feel free to contact Dr. Laura Olivos or Denise Marino at 888-775-9377.

Healing is for the whole family. Don’t wait any longer to begin your journey to recovery. We look forward to hearing from you!

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