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Call 772-332-8711 To Speak With Lyle about finding the best options for you or a loved one. We may not be the best place for everyone, but with decades of experience and a long-standing reputation for integrity, we will always help you find the best solution possible.

The Shores Treatment and Recovery

Are you or a loved one in need of real addiction help?

Have you been searching for that one place that will truly care for you as an individual?

The Shores Treatment and Recovery is a premier, highly respected, and affordable National drug and alcohol treatment program. We are proud of our long term success rates which are measured far beyond a person's time spent within our initial care.

Then don't wait any longer, we are here to help you!

Is The Shores Right For You?

Are you tired of riding what has sadly become the addiction treatment merry-go-round that so many other programs offer? Or maybe you simply want to make the right choice for you or a loved one the very first time? Either way, The Shores Treatment and Recovery is that one special program that will help you as well as your family mentally and physically heal from years of substance abuse.

Where caring people put your best interest first...

Call Lyle today to find the best fit for you or your loved one. We may not be that fit, but with decades of experience, we can likely find a place that is.

The Shores Treatment and Recovery Is Here To Help



The Shores offers an unique blend, and a wider range of proven addiction treatments and dual diagnosis therapy services all individually tailored for each client by a team of caring and respected treatment professionals.

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Our addiction programs are designed for both men and woman 18-years of age and older. Each designed to promote complete physical, emotional, family, spiritual, and long term healing support for our clients and their families.

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We offer 3-4 times more individual therapy sessions than most other addiction programs. Including: Neurotransmitter Replacement Therapies, Neurofeedback, Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorder, Faith-Based, Medication Management, Holistic, Life Management Training, Massage, Chiropractic, Nutrition and many more.

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  • My recovery journey began with an intervention from my family and pastor and I agreed to come to The Shores three days later.

    I came to treatment open [...]
    Robin B.
  • The Shores gave me the time I needed to heal properly; not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. I was provided everything I needed to do so, from the [...]Destiny K.
  • The work of recovery has given me a sense of purpose, a peace of mind and a new hope for the future that I really never had before. So YES, [...]Mark T.
  • Today, I am so grateful that God gave me my moment of clarity. I am eternally grateful for the relationship that I am building with Him. I'm so grateful that [...]Lex B.
  • So grateful for the shores.... Y'all are awesome!Christina W.
  • I miss the Family.
    Sending out my love to all of you. We are miracles! Hugs!
    Maggie O.
  • -Turning a Mess into a Message-
    I was a full blown addict, Crystal Meth was my drug of choice since the age of 22; so 8 years of abuse, lies and [...]
    Chad S.
  • The Shores has taught me how to have peace of mind and love myself.Katlynn C.
  • I can only speak for myself but it was imperative that I got right to a meeting, my sobriety counted on it! I put myself in an uncomfortable position and [...]James M.
  • I didn’t do it, God did and everyone at The Shores helped me find my way to him.Mike N.

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