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Aftercare Program

Even the best performed surgeries require specialized aftercare plans that include follow up visits and physical therapies which helps to ensure a full recovery. The same needs to be included and applied with a person’s post-treatment addiction recovery plan. Lasting, long-term recovery takes more than completing a reputable 90-day addiction program like ours, it is an ongoing lifestyle change. We understand that our clients’ long-term recovery is a constant mental, physiological, and spiritual process that needs continued care and reinforcement.

woman-cell-cHere at The Shores Treatment and Recovery we’ve designed our aftercare program to encompass the long-term post treatment needs of our clients and their families. From your first day within our care, our aftercare team will be hard at work to customize a program and plan that will extend long past your time with us.

An aftercare plan may include important areas like establishing a local support system back home through churches, group meetings, and other organizations. Another important part of aftercare success is educating family and friends on how to best support each other and work together to continue moving forward with all the positive steps made while the client was away.

We can help with job training, and teach everyday life skills that may have been lost during the active addiction period. During this vital time, our team will stay in touch and engaged personally with each client in hopes of providing extended tiered guidance and continued care for as long as our clients need it.


Alumni Support

Here at The Shores we have a large and very supportive alumni program. We consider each person who has sought treatment here as a loved member of our family, and because of that, it’s important to us for their continued success that whenever possible we maintain a very supportive connection with our past clients. Our alumni meet regularly through various channels to provide continued support and guidance for one another. We also provide regular activities for those who are local to our center or willing to travel. We are honored by so many who choose to travel from all over to be a part of our special events.

Triggr Health

The Shores Treatment and Recovery is one of just a few programs in the country that is helping to design and test a new smartphone app called Triggr Health. With our clients’ permission, when they are set to leave treatment the software is downloaded onto their smartphones to help monitor many of their post treatment activities. The app has shown over 90% accuracy in detecting a relapse 3 days prior to it happening. When a potential relapse situation is triggered, the app will reach out to the person and prompt him or her to immediately seek help. Triggr Health simultaneously contacts predesignated support systems and sponsors to get in touch with the individual in need.

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