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Your Best Way to Fight Alcoholism

Your Best Way to Fight Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse and dependence affects 1 in 12 adults, 17.6 million people nationwide according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). Alcohol is the most abused substance in the U.S. resulting in countless emotional, psychological, social and financial downfalls. Alcohol addiction can be damaging physically, personally, professionally and have generational effects on one’s family.

You Can Beat Your Addiction!

What can I do to beat alcoholism? First, remember that you are far from alone if you’re struggling with a drinking problem. Alcoholism may be the oldest known of humankind’s substance abuses. Think of the generations of families that have struggled with this problem, dating back thousands of years. And remember that alcoholism is a disease, one that has been impacting your life in very real and significant ways. Unlike other diseases, with alcoholism, people tend to blame the victim. No one says to someone “it’s your fault that you have Parkinson’s”. Sadly, some people still believe that alcohol addiction is a choice. But it’s not, and you or your loved one needs the best possible professional treatment help to overcome a drinking problem.

Why Choose The Shores Treatment and Recovery?

Our program is special, because all the people that we have successfully treated over the years are special. No one is ever treated as a billable item, or ledger item on some financial spreadsheet. Instead, they are treated as a beloved individual and for their specific needs and situations.

Millions of people nationwide are affected by alcohol addiction and abuse. While there are many great free programs and resources available to get help, sadly so very few are customized for one’s unique needs and the treatment needs of their families. Always remember that at The Shores Treatment and Recovery you are never alone or just another statistic. In our program you are ALWAYS treated with dignity, care a respect as a beloved member of our family.

You or your loved one’s treatment is designed for each person’s unique needs and family situation. Our compassionate, highly qualified and trained staff understands alcohol addiction and recovery are personal for each individual.

Those who have gone all the way through our structured levels of care have experienced a much higher rate of long term sobriety over most other programs nationally. This high level of care also is designed to help our client’s families as well. We believe in the need for complete healing and restoration of one’s life from addiction, and that includes treating family members as well as the primary client.

We develop a personal recovery plan for you.

We develop a personal recovery plan for you.

Many of our trained clinicians and medical professionals also have decades in recovery themselves. They understand firsthand the challenges and what it takes to succeed in recovery. They also understand the obstacles of alcoholism and relapse prevention. Most importantly, they understand, and are passionate about, the triumph of recovery, and they want to use their success to help you succeed.

Our highly trained and qualified staff of medical professionals and addiction recovery specialists are all dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for those suffering from alcoholism. We get to know you and your needs and begin your personal success plan before you even arrive with us. When you come to The Shores Treatment and Recovery your plan will be created from the most modern of medical treatments, proven holistic therapies, structured addiction family counseling, and an aftercare program that gives our clients the encouragement and tools for their continued success long after they leave our program. We also have a very successful faith-based addiction treatment program for those who are open to its benefits.

We invite you to contact us immediately with any questions about our highly successful drug and Alcohol addiction program. You or your loved one’s lives will be truly valued and cared for at The Shores Treatment and Recovery.

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