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Are You Ready to be Free from Drug Addiction?

Are You Ready to be Free from Drug Addiction?

It can be very difficult to turn your life around from an addiction to street drugs or prescription medications. People who try to do so alone may be successful for a short time, but will often relapse. This is why it’s important to seek help from a Nationally respected treatment program with highly skilled addiction professionals like The Shores Treatment and Recovery. Many studies over decades have shown that individuals who enter a reputable drug rehab program have a tremendous advantage in becoming clean for a lifetime and reclaiming their lives.

Why Seek Help at The Shores Treatment and Recovery?

The decision to seek drug treatment for opioids, cocaine, or prescription drugs is a crucial part of turning your life around, but it can also be daunting. How do you know which rehab clinic will get you the help you need? You’ll want to consider your needs first and compare them to what each facility has to offer, as well as their success rates.

Be careful. Many companies only judge their successes if a client stayed the entire time that his or her insurance policy covered. At The Shores Treatment and Recovery, we judge our success rates by our client’s long term recovery.

  • A large national insurance company recently conducted an audit on their policy holders who have gone through our program at The Shores. The insurance company found that nearly 70% of these policy holders were still clean and sober after 2 years. The national average for all programs is around 4-5%.
  • Staff members here at The Shores are handpicked and represent all areas of specialties. Our team is comprised of professionals with diverse counseling experience, which ranges from treating corporate America to inner city gang members. Some have years of pastoral training, and others specialize in assisting clients along with their families.
  • Our highly qualified and trained specialists understand that different drugs require different treatments. Our recovery plans are based on each individual client’s needs, not the needs of a generalized group.

What Makes our Program so Successful?

We offer 3-4 times more individual therapy sessions than most other programs across the country.

Our recovery center provides a unique blend of modern medical treatments, holistic approaches, family healing programs, spiritual wellness, and a very strong aftercare program.

The Shores Treatment and Recovery is one of the country’s leading providers of neurotransmitter replacement therapies, which has shown tremendous healing results within different areas of addiction and mental health disorders.

Our housing is safe, secure, and always supervised by highly trained employees. Our male clients stay in a private oceanside home, while our female clients live in a beautiful lakeside house. All modern amenities and comforts of home are provided. Take a virtual tour of The Shores to learn more about our facilities.


Some Common Drug Addictions that We Treat

Prescription Drugs

People are often relieved when they hear there is a medication that can treat their pain, anxiety, stress, depression or other conditions. Xanax, Valium, Percodan, and Percocet are just a few examples of these medications commonly prescribed by physicians.

But the consequences of introducing powerful drugs into the body over time, and the risk of addiction and abuse, often are not considered. Even the “best” prescription drugs can result in addiction. A short term solution to a problem can become a longer term problem of dependence and addiction.


Whether naturally collected from the opium poppy or artificially synthesized in a lab, opiates are powerful and highly addictive drugs. Medical practitioners have long used opiates in medicine for their pain-relieving qualities, but while they block feelings of pain, they also have a dark side of being highly addictive if abused. This can result in the loss of personal control, destroyed relationships, lost careers and more.


Heroin addiction is rising nationwide. Individuals of all ages, income levels and communities can become addicted and face the life-threatening risks of internal organ damage, brain damage or overdose.

Regaining Control of Your Life

Fortunately, addiction to drugs—prescription or otherwise—does not have to be permanent. Our Shores family can help you regain control of your life.

If you or your loved one is suffering from a drug dependency and needs immediate help, reach out to us today. One of our caring treatment professionals will gladly go the extra mile to help you.

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