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What am I not allowed to bring?
  • No products with any alcohol or other drugs. (e.g. hand sanitizers with alcohol)
    • Use of alcohol or other drugs is grounds for immediate discharge from the program.
  • Possession of weapons is strictly forbidden.
  • No tank tops, halter-tops, backless or low-cut clothing. No short shorts, or other tight clothing is permitted during group or individual sessions. Logos on clothing that are gang or drug/alcohol/sexually related are not permitted
What am I allowed to bring?
  • Comfortable clothing that does not violate any of the aforementioned rules for at least 60 days.
    • Bathing suit(s) are recommended (beach/pool activities are common). Sunscreen and towels will be provided at the houses.
  • Toiletries: Although the houses do contain basic needs (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving razor) it is recommended you bring your own toiletries as long as it does not violate the aforementioned rules.
  • Prescribed Medication(s) – Please bring any of your prescribed medications in their original bottle
  • Identification – Please bring at least 1 primary form of identification
    • Driver’s License, Identification Card, or Passport preferred.
  • Insurance Information – Please bring your insurance card and prescription card (if necessary)
    • Bringing dental/vision card is also recommended.
  • Cash and Valuables –
    • All cash/debit/credit cards will be confiscated and held. You or your loved ones are allowed to put money on a True Link card (card issued by the Shores) that only allows specific transactions
      • (E.G. Any attempts to purchase alcohol, make ATM withdrawals, or flights would be rejected)
      • Anyone may put money on these cards only if there is a release of information on file for that person.
      • Client at a PHP level will only be allowed to put $100.00 on their card per week and they must complete a request form located at the reception desk. If more than $100.00 a therapist approval is necessary.
      • If the client leaves our care for any reason other than a clinical discharge the card is closed and the money is transferred back to the party it had originally came from.
    • It is not recommended to bring valuables (e.g. jewelry) however there are safe(s) located in the residences and the facility that will store these items during treatment hours.
  • Electronics –
    • The use of all electronics (e.g. cell phone, tablet, computer, video game consoles, etc.) is not permitted at a Detox and PHP level of care.
      • The client’s electronics will be placed in a safe located at the treatment facility.
  • Clients may use the phones at the residences and treatment facility to call.
    • Each client is allowed to use the phones at the houses for 10 minutes an evening however the treatment center reserves the right to withhold this time if a client is abusing the privilege or contacting anyone that negatively impacts their treatment
    • Clients will be allowed to use the phones at the houses and treatment facility for any specific needs (E.g. Legal issues, loved ones in emergency situation) however the client must get this approved by the clinical team prior to contact.
Can I bring my spouse or significant other?

We’re sorry, but for several reasons we do not allow a spouse or significant other to join you. Studies show that our clients have a much better chance of success when they attend treatment by themselves, and able to really deal with their addictions in an environment where they feel completely free to open up. However, once a client reaches a level further into their recovery, we can absolutely try to include their loved one into our aftercare programs where they can learn to work on their sobriety together in a healthy positive way.

Do you offer treatment in my State?
  • Even though we are located in beautiful South Florida, The Shores Treatment and Recovery accepts and successfully treats clients from all over the world. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss any travel concerns that you may have, we can work with you.
    • Why should I go away from my family or living area to receive treatment?
      • Great question! It has been proven through National studies that separating oneself from your environment, and the many other relapse triggers leads to a much higher long term success rates.
  • Our facilities and Florida are warm and beautiful, why not?
How would I get there?
  • Most major airlines fly into West Palm Beach (PBI), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (ORL)
  • You would be responsible to cover your airfare costs or we can arrange for your ticket, but since it’s illegal for us to actually pay for your airline ticket to get to us, you would have to sign a promissory note of repayment.
  • When you or your loved one arrives at the airport, we will have a driver there to safely transport you/them to the facility.
How long will my treatment last?

The answer to this question will be determined and discussed with each client by our team of medical professionals and suggestions will be based on many different factors, as well as the client’s progression within his/her therapies. Everyone is different, but so many studies along with our past client success stories clearly show that a person has a far greater chance of long term recovery and sobriety when he/she finishes and transitions all the way through a respected 90-day program such as ours.

Can I receive medically supervised Detox at The Shores Treatment and Recovery?
  • Yes! The Shores is a licensed Ambulatory detox facility.
  • We can successfully and safely service 95% of our clients detox needs. Clients with more severe cases that require a higher level of constant medical observation, will be treated at one of our vetted and approved local medical detox partners. Once treatment there is over, we will transport the client back to our housing and facility for the rest of their care.
Am I allowed to have my cell phone while in treatment?

The personal use of a client’s cell phone during their initial intensive PHP level of treatment is restricted and supervised when permission is obtained through one’s counselor. However once a client graduates into our IOP program, they are allowed cell phone privileges.

What does a client’s daily treatment schedule look like?
  • Monday through Friday our clients are transported from their separate housing units into our treatment center arriving around 8:30am.
  • They receive a healthy breakfast when they arrive, and lunch later in the day as well.
  • After breakfast our clients begin several sessions of their various private and group therapy sessions and after lunch begins most of the ancillary services like massage therapies, chiropractic, brain training, yoga and others.
  • Around 4:30pm all clients are transported back to their houses where they often cook their evening meals, and get some down time together before heading back out to an evening NA, AA, Celebrate Recovery or another local group meeting.
  • Over the weekends we have different activities planned the men and woman clients apart from each other. They may go to the beach, visit a local park, see a movie, go fishing or lots of other fun things that living in South Florida has to offer.
Is The Shores Treatment and Recovery a licensed treatment provider?
  • There are very few programs across the entire country that can match our high standards of care, and multiple levels of licensing that we have.
  • We have Joint Commission Accreditation, FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) certification, 5 levels State Substance Abuse licenses, Medical Group License, Pharmacy License, and Housing Licensing and Credentialing we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and ethics.
  • Florida Department of Children and Families license
  • Partnered with The Addicts Mom
  • 2015 Best Places to Work, St Lucie County

Our Accreditations, Certifications & Partnerships

  • Joint Commission
  • FARR
  • Rockers in Recovery
  • My FL Families
  • Best Place to Work
  • Addict's Mom
  • Rehab Reviews

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