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The concept of providing an engaging family therapy treatment program and help for the families of addicts or alcoholics being a large part of a client’s addiction recovery may sound counter-intuitive. After all, the family is not engaged in their loved one’s addictive behavior. That said, it’s also true that the addict isn’t the only person within the family unit that has had to suffer repercussions, or develop certain mental conditions and negative habits that needs to be professionally addressed as part of one’s addiction treatment. After all, most times it’s the rest of the family that has been living in frustration and anguish simply waiting for the next crisis, bad news or worse to happen. At the same time, we know that a surface view can only give you surface knowledge and that a deeper honest exam into an addict’s family dynamic and support system can reveal areas of family healing and sharing that can take place that leads to a better chance for complete recovery for all.

It is a delicate and difficult proposal, but what if providing family support for addiction can add strength and value to the overall work your loved one does in treatment?
All of the best formulas for achieving long term sobriety and freedom from alcohol and drug addiction comes down to setting up specific goals along with and a solid recovery plan that includes a trusted and caring support system back home.

Dr. Laura Olivos and Denise Marino developed The Family Recovery Program® here at The Shores Treatment and Recovery with the careful application that combines effective and modern recovery tools with a structured therapy schedule for family participation.

family_program2The following are some key highlights of our very successful 3-part Structured Family Recovery® and family addiction counseling program.

1) Psychoeducational Phone Conference Sessions-This is held every Monday night at 5:30 p.m. EST via phone conference. It is a 12-week program ONLY for family members/sober supports of loved ones in treatment at The Shores who want to know more about the process of recovery and addiction. The topics are divided over the 12 weeks as follows:

  • Beginning the Journey of Recovery: Learning the language of addiction-Wk 1
  • What Your Loved One Wants You to Know About Their Addiction-Wk 2
  • How Addiction Affects the Family-Wk 3
  • Supporting Your Loved One While They Are In Treatment-Wk 4
  • Effective Communication-Wk 5
  • The Need for Boundaries-Wk 6
  • Anger and Forgiveness-Wk 7
  • Trauma and Addiction-Wk 8
  • Tools to Fight Addiction-Wk 9
  • Relapse-Wk 10
  • Self-Care-Wk 11
  • Resources and Connection-Wk 12

2) Structured Family Recovery Program®– This is a 52-week program consisting of family members forming a “Recovery Team” for the identified client/addict. The format would take place via phone conference each week (convenient option for those located remotely), while requiring each member of the client’s Recovery Team to engage in their own healing process through Al-Anon. If your loved one physically leaves treatment to go back home, we can continue this as aftercare for the family. After a few sessions or when clinically appropriate, the client would later join the Recovery Team’s sessions weekly as well. This is modeled after the very effective and evidence based Physicians Health Program. Please reference to the book, “It Takes a Family” by Debra Jay to learn more. The program is based off of this book’s curriculum. To learn more about this model, please visit this website:

To buy the book please reference here. We are in the process of re-ordering more and normally supply this book for free for those engaging in the program:

Family Systems Therapy with Dr. Laura-This requires the client to be physically present in session with the family and undergo weekly or biweekly live sessions to address family traumas, dysfunctional communication patterns, codependency, roles in addiction, roles in recovery, and relapse prevention techniques.

3) Family Retreats-This component is a new addition to our program set to launch sometime this fall. It is a 3-day retreat limited to 5-6 families to travel to Florida to visit their loved ones in treatment, but engage in an educational and simultaneous healing process of their own.

Call or message us today to receive more information on how The Shores Family Program can help your family and the families of any addict.

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