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Getting Started at The Shores Treatment and Recovery

Taking those first steps in coming to grips that either you or a loved one needs professional addiction treatment help can embody multiple feelings. Some of which are sadness, stress, anxiety and fear.  Please know that you are not the only one who has felt this way, everyone does before deciding to pick up the phone to get treatment help. When you reach out to us at The Shores Treatment and Recovery, you will never be judged, and we will do everything within our power to help ease all these emotions, all while providing you with trusted guidance in getting the help that either you or your loved one needs.

Below is a simple guide that will hopefully help steer and explain how our processes work in getting the help that you need here at The Shores.

  • Coming to grips that either you or a loved one needs the best professional help in ending the addiction is always one of the most difficult parts! So, the fact that you are here taking the time to understand how you can best do that is something that you should be very proud of.
  • Don’t wait! Call or email us today so that one of our very understanding and caring treatment professionals can get to know you and your situation personally so that we can begin to provide you with the answers and the guidance that you deserve.
  • When you do speak to one of our treatment professionals please be prepared to share detailed information on the following:
    • Location/State
    • Drug/Alcohol history and usage
    • Family and contact information
    • Full name, Date of Birth
    • Any pre-existing medical information, prescriptions or special medical needs
    • Insurance provider
    • Policy holder – Full name/relationship/Date of birth
    • Policy Number, Group Number, RX Policy Number (Rx Bin, Rx PCN, RxGroup)
    • Provider Telephone Number
    • Insurance provider’s Name & State (E.g. Highmark BCBS of Ohio)
    • Any other information that may be relevant (Policy type – PPO, HMO, etc.)
  • Once we are provided with the above information, our team will begin to verify and gather information from your insurance provider. Once we receive this information, we will contact you with our findings, and provide you with a complete and detailed financial responsibility that will be needed.  Since this information may be confusing, we will always do our best to explain it clearly and honestly.  We will also give you all the options available to you when there are deductibles, and other “out of pocket” expenses that may need to be met.
  • From this point, we will perform a medical pre-assessment and determine if your immediate medical and clinical needs can be best served within our program. If for some reason, it is determined that we are not the best fit for your needs, our team will try to give you guidance and direction on other programs that would be able to provide you with the best possible services based on your needs.
  • Although we can provide stabilization for most our clients, it may be determined that a higher level of detox is required before entering our care. In these cases, The Shores has vetted and trusted relationships with multiple detox providers that we can recommend.
  • Everyone will be given a list of allowed personal belongings that can be brought with you.
  • Once approved for treatment, our admissions team will help coordinate transportation needs to our facility. By law we cannot provide airfare to treatment, but will arrange ground transportation from the airport to either the detox facility or our program.
  • Once one enters our care, they will spend the first day or two meeting with our various medical doctors, nurses and specialists. From these examinations and conversations, a very detailed individualized treatment program will be established, and put into place.
  • Once someone is in our care, release of client information can only be given to those with whom the client has signed a permission release for.

What Does our Treatment Schedule Entail?

The Shores Treatment and Recovery takes great pride in offering our clients 3-4 times more individualized structured care than most other programs nationwide.  Our clients find that we like to keep them active and busy while they are in our care, but also understand the importance of personal downtime and fun recreation.  Below is a general schedule of what our client’s weeks entail.

  • Every weekday morning, we transport our clients from their respected houses and arrive at our treatment center at approximately 8:15am.
  • A heathy breakfast is provided for them when they arrive and lasts until 9am when they begin their daily group and individual sessions.
  • During the morning hours, our clients will meet individually with their therapists, medical staff, and participate within very small intimate group sessions. This time is also used for many of our customized holistic therapies like massages, bio-sound, chiropractic and other of our many offerings.
  • Lunch is served around noon.
  • Our afternoon sessions are very similar to the morning schedules which gives our clients even more opportunities to receive the best clinical care.
  • Around 4:15pm each client is transported back to their houses where they are allowed some downtime, and can prepare their evening meal. All clients are responsible for preparing their own evening and weekend meals.
  • During most evenings around 7pm, our clients are exposed to many community group offerings like AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery and others. We feel that it is so important to introduce our clients to these programs so that when they return home, they have established a comfort level in attending these meetings on their own or with their sponsors.
  • During our daily schedule, we also offer many important lessons and help with professional resume building, personal finance management, mock job interviews etc.
  • Different times through the week, we also offer various family therapy sessions as well. These can range from an in person 3-day visit, conference calls, and online sessions.
  • During the weekends, we like to arrange group activities that are fun, and allows our clients some much needed downtime.
  • It is important to know that at all times our clients are supervised by our highly-trained staff, and never left alone.

Aftercare Program

Sadly, this is something that so many other programs fall far short on providing.  Not us!  We know that our aftercare program plays a vital role in our above average long-term success rates.  From our client’s very first days within our care we are already working hard on their future transition back into their new lives free from addiction.  We understand that addiction is a life-long struggle, but a struggle that can become easier to manage over time with the right support system in place.  We do this in several ways.

  • Our clients are like family to us, and will always have access to our care even after the graduate. Like a family, we will always be here for support.
  • Before anyone leaves our care, we will have a very detailed plan for them set up back home. This plan may include their family, community addiction organizations and groups, church groups, individual sponsors etc.
  • We also make it a habit to check in regularly with our past clients and their families to make sure they are adjusting well, and managing their sobriety.
  • Our Alumni Director does a fantastic job in organizing additional help back home, as well as plan fun activities for our past clients to enjoy and stay connected. 

If you have additional questions or would like further assistance in getting help. Please call us at 888.775.9377.

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  • FARR
  • Rockers in Recovery
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