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The Importance of Medication Management in Addiction Treatment

We take our clients’ medication management very seriously. Our facility is one of the only treatment centers in Florida to have its own State Pharmacy License. So a client’s medications are provided, supervised and distributed by an actual caregiver. We do not leave it up to the client to manage medications on their own like many other programs do. Just one more way in which it’s our mission to always provide you or your loved one with the best possible care.

Some of the biggest fears our clients have when they first arrive are the symptoms of withdrawal. It’s definitely not a fun time. But with today’s incredible advances in medical science, there are a wide range of choices between non-narcotic medications and natural amino acid and neurotransmitter replacement therapies that greatly reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

help_me_prescription_drugsMany positive strides have been made over the last few decades to treat addiction through a balanced medication management approach, such as the one we practice at The Shores Treatment and Recovery. We are partnered with Dr Kenneth Blum, who is credited with discovering the human genome believed to be responsible for alcoholism. Dr Blum is one of the world’s leading scientific researchers within addiction treatment. It’s through the use of his proprietary blends of amino acid supplements, vitamins and a proper diet that many of our clients are able to rebuild normal brain functions and eliminate the need for long-term use of prescription drugs to manage their withdrawal symptoms.

Are you interested in learning how our medication management approaches can help you heal from an addiction? If so, don’t wait! Get help now by connecting with one of our caring treatment professionals.

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