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What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a highly emotional and stressful step often needed to begin

the process of getting addiction treatment help for a loved one. For these reasons, it is so important that an intervention be directed by a trained and licensed professional working in cooperation with family members, friends or an employer of a person or persons struggling and in denial from a drug or alcohol addiction. An intervention should serve mainly as a structured invitational and educational process that helps to bring recognition of the negative effects their addiction has had on themselves and others involved within their lives, inviting them to seek change. It also needs to clearly explain and give the addicted person clear and structured options to accept help which will better their lives before things become worse. Working alongside a professional, caring Interventionist will help the afflicted loved one and all others involved both understand and make the connections between their addictions and the problems within their lives.

Traditional Intervention Models:

Because we believe that recovery is not a “One Size Fits All” program, the same can be said about our intervention processes. At The Shores we try to separate clinical approaches, designed with matching the correct intervention to each patient’s personality and needs.

  • THE JOHNSON MODEL, also known as the surprise approach. During this type of intervention, family and close friends each read their own individual letter which follows a set format where the specifics of their loved one’s addiction oriented behaviors are described in a purely factual manner and then followed by the corresponding effects it had on them-the reader. Dr. Vernon Johnson designed this model with a specific personality in mind and is ideal for someone who can easily feel ganged up on, defensive and combative at a standard intervention, but still needs the intervention experience.
  • THE ARISE or INVITATIONAL APPROACH, involves the patient from the beginning in a carefully coordinate process. This presents the process if intervention without the surprise attack aspect. Also, the intervention can stop at any time. Created by Dr. Judith Landau and James Garrett and other clinicians, the addict is engaged in all steps of the intervention as a participant.

How does an Intervention work?

  • You have prepared through the help, guidance, and structure of a licensed Interventionist. Generally, a neutral location is chosen for the intervention, preferably not your loved one’s home or where he or she is staying.
  • A post intervention plan has already been set up which includes detoxification if medically needed, and plans for transportation to the treatment facility are predetermined and clear. Lastly, whenever possible, your loved one’s belongings and basic items needed for the next few days should be packed and discreetly waiting on premise.
  • Since the addicted loved one is often caught off guard and very emotional, it is so important to allow the Interventionist guide the process and direct the family and loved ones who will be attending. Everyone will come prepared with a few specific points in mind to communicate to the afflicted person. Each of you may have a pre-written letter or have prepared remarks which will be directed to your loved one.
  • Each attendee reads their letters, or expresses openly all the ways in which the individuals addiction has affected them. They also share their hopes and desires that a successful treatment program will bring.
  • The next step is dependent upon the reaction your loved one has-though, research and our professional experience shows strong evidence that the best results are achieved when the person struggling with addiction is taken to the treatment program immediately following an intervention. There are many reasons including::
  • The addict is not at risk for changing his or her mind or disappearing to avoid help.
  • The emotions he or she is experiencing will be very deep rooted and strong so it’s best handled with professional supervision and guidance of a trusted licensed professional Interventionist present.
  • The effects of not using a professional may create additional stress and complicate the desired outcome in deciding to seek professional help.

What is the cost?

On average the cost for a professional intervention can range between $3,000-$5,000 depending on circumstances, and other factors. We can work with you whenever possible so that the potential cost isn’t such a burden.

How can The Shores Treatment and Recovery help?

The first thing you should do is to simply reach out to us immediately with any questions. We have licensed and professional Interventionists on staff, plus a network of other trusted professionals that we will be happy to put you in contact with to begin the process and assess all intervention needs.

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