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"My recovery journey began with an intervention from my family and pastor and I agreed to come to The Shores three days later.

I came to treatment open minded but unsure what to expect. I was already a believer in Christ so I didn't understand what could take place in a treatment center environment that would somehow be different, or new, or beyond what I understood (but could not walk out in my own life.)

One of the first things that struck me in treatment was the family environment, the love of Darlyn, and the wisdom of Fred Treadwell when he said, "You think you're smart but you keep trying to solve your problems with the knowledge you have in your own brain." He was right. I spent 78 beautiful days at The Shores and slowly, very life began to change.

I hated meetings, both AA and NA, and I have to admit, I don't frequent them today but my therapist, taught me the third step prayer, "Lord, deliver me from the bondage of self...." and I realized I was full of self will and a self-driven agenda! Although I didn't love AA or NA, I went and I stayed. I listened to Brittany who kept sending me daily NA meditations. I found Revive Church on Thursday nights - I found Maggie and Pastor Nick. I read the Purpose Driven Life with Eric who carried it with him everywhere he went. And I started to see a change in the way I thought.

I still had a lot of problems when I left The Shores. I smoked. I was a binge eater. I struggled with rejection, and I had difficulty maintaining friendships. But I had grace. I had an understanding that God wanted to continue to grow me to new places. As I walked from day to day, I watched the addictions and the vices fall away. Thank you, Whitney, for believing with me that we can live vice free.
Yesterday was a big deal. My son moved two doors down from me (on my two year anniversary) so now my entire family lives in the same town. I have a great career, a beautiful new grandson, I wrote a book, and I am currently living a joyful life...addiction free.

Thank you Shores family, for being the catalyst of this process.

You are the sweetest part of my recovery journey. "
Robin B.
"The Shores gave me the time I needed to heal properly; not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. I was provided everything I needed to do so, from the perfect therapist, to the perfect meetings and church activities. Having the option to go to church and taking advantage of that option allowed me to find God again – who is the rock of my recovery! "Destiny K.
"The work of recovery has given me a sense of purpose, a peace of mind and a new hope for the future that I really never had before. So YES, I love my work of recovery and I love all of you guys as well! Look what I got! God bless everyone at the Shores (staff and clients)! There was NO WAY that I could have done it without all of your love and support!!! Thank you all, truly from the bottom of my heart!!!"Mark T.
"Today, I am so grateful that God gave me my moment of clarity. I am eternally grateful for the relationship that I am building with Him. I'm so grateful that I had & still do have a supportive family at home, at The Shores & in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. I'm so glad that I found a new way to live. I pray that every addict seek this new way of life. No addict seeking recovery ever need die. If you are in pain please reach out to someone in your network. Love you all! TRULY! "Lex B.
"So grateful for the shores.... Y'all are awesome!"Christina W.
"I miss the Family.
Sending out my love to all of you. We are miracles! Hugs!"
Maggie O.
"-Turning a Mess into a Message-
I was a full blown addict, Crystal Meth was my drug of choice since the age of 22; so 8 years of abuse, lies and manipulations, fake happy and misused trust. June 20, 2015 was the day everything changed. I had been in my recovery journey since November 14, 2014- but had a relapse the summer of 2015. I can truly say, “Thank God for that relapse, thank God for the bigger mess I created during that time and thank God for taking away everything from me.” My great job was gone, my money was depleted, I had been kicked out of my living situation and my mom had stolen my own car from me - but again, THANK GOD! If it wasn’t for all of that happening, I wouldn't be here today, sober, happy and grateful. For me, things had to completely fall apart for everything to be put back together. That’s exactly what happened!!

-What have I learned over the past year-

I have learned that rebuilding trust with family and friends is an amazing experience. The memories I have made over the past year are nothing short of a miracle. I am no longer constantly telling a lie to cover up a lie or sleeping for 5 days straight. I am now the one planning family functions, planning things with my friends, reconnecting and just talking- it’s been the most amazing feeling!!
I have learned that money isn’t how you measure your success. I am a hairstylist and I have always made great money but once I stopped focusing on that, I began to focus on the passion I have for doing hair. I feel stronger and more stable in my recovery because I have regained power over my priorities. I have learned that I could tailor a recovery program that fits ME. I would listen to the suggestions but I also learned, what worked for someone else, may not work for me.

I attend the Revive Church Regenerate program as often as I can. I live about an hour away so it’s a commitment, but it’s worked! Turning to GOD is what has been the driving force for my change and the best part is- I CAN FEEL IT! Being able to redirect my goals and dream to line up with what God had planned, is guiding me to places I have always wanted to be but couldn’t figure out how to get to. One of those is coming into fruition in January 2017- I’ll be moving to West Hollywood, California to do hair. This has been an incredible dream of mine and it wouldn’t at all be possible without God.

This has been a year of being able to make and to rebuild trust. To realign my dreams to God's plan and watch as they come together naturally. This has been a year of growth, challenges and self-exploration that has led to be the strongest man I can be. If I thanked all the people that have helped me, it would take a book- you all know who you are. My family, my Shores family, my co-workers, my friends, my friends who became family who have all rallied behind me in support when I didn't think I could rally anymore! July 20,2015 is and will always be special to me, you can recover, you can rebuild, you can follow your dreams- once the drugs were out of my life, it was time to work on me- and I can tell you, I like the sober me a whole lot better than any other version of myself."
Chad S.
"The Shores has taught me how to have peace of mind and love myself."Katlynn C.
"I can only speak for myself but it was imperative that I got right to a meeting, my sobriety counted on it! I put myself in an uncomfortable position and it opened me up to a great opportunity! Thank you to the Shores for stressing how important that is, everything I am doing you taught me."James M.
"I didn’t do it, God did and everyone at The Shores helped me find my way to him."Mike N.
"Don’t let this mistake become a disaster! Thank you to the staff of the Shores for helping me realize and fix my mistakes."Ella C.
"I'm financially stable, have strong and healthy relationships with family and sober supports, my faith has been restored, and I'm able to use coping skills that I've gained throughout my process at The Shores!"Destiny K.
"Through perseverance in God working my program I am so blessed I'm truly happy I have gained back mostly everything I have lost."Keisha W.
"A little over 4 months ago I started putting into action all the things I learned at The Shores. I did 90 meetings in 90 days, surrounded myself with people that had long lengths of clean time, and put God first. Today my life in on a much brighter path. I still have dealt with hurdles life throws at me, but I'm able to deal with them on life's terms."Chris B.
"The Shores is a fantastic place it helped me transfer in to an amazing sober life that I couldn't be any more grateful for. Great counselors and an awesome place to help you get In touch with spirituality. I had an amazing experience with the shores and anyone that is willing will definitely benefit from the shores treatment and recovery."Ben G.
"I have been doing speeches about addiction awareness, so far I have done 5 and I am training to become a peer support specialist. 8 months sober and killing it."Carly Z.
"The Shores has been a great experience for me. There I have learned much about my addiction and mental being and how to work at restoring my hope, confidence and happiness. With the tools and knowledge I've learned from The Shores I have graduated from them with a strong mind and great support system that I continue to grow today. Now with just six months sober I have gotten back to work, started a new hobby that I love and am making new friends. By being able to be open and honest with my addiction I have found there are many of us out there and I am making new friends in recovery who I can really relate with. The bond you can make with someone who has gone through recovery also is very strong and I have The Shores to be grateful for helping me achieve a wonderful sober life."Adam A.

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