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kenneth-blumDr. Kenneth Blum, Neuroscience Advisor at The Shores Treatment and Recovery. He has devoted much of his life to researching and educating about the various causes of addiction. All while using this data to discover various and most highly effective treatments for these diseases. In fact, Dr Blum is the scientist who discovered the gene contributing to alcoholism and is considered by some as the “Father of Psychiatric Genetics.” His research has garnered many U.S. and foreign patents involving nutrigenomics.


Dr. Blum is a pillar in the addiction and treatment medical community. His contributions and expertise have been covered by media outlets worldwide, with invaluable expertise on television and in books, magazines and prestigious professional journals. His highly respected amino acid and neurotransmitter replacement therapies using his natural product Synaptamine (KB220z) are what we use here at The Shores Treatment and Recovery.

His lifelong mission has been to better help through his research and design better treatment options for those suffering with various addictions. As the primary consultant here at The Shores, he serves our mission to provide our clients with the highest level of care that is currently available within our industry.

Dr. Blum’s impressive credentials shed light on his intellectual prowess, world renowned achievements, and lifelong dedication to treating addiction.


B.S. (Pharmacy), M.S., PhD, DHL

PhD Neuropharmacology, New York Medical College, Columbia University, New Jersey College of Medicine

Additional training:

  • Institute of Behavioral Genetics
  • Colorado University at Boulder, Colorado
  • Doctor of humane letters, St Martins University


  • Life-Time Achievement in Addiction Medicine (Holistic Institute on Addiction Studies)
  • Presidential Award for Scientific Excellence (National Council of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Councilors)
  • Scientific Achievement Award (City of Life Miami)
  • Best Abstract Award ASRA (Pain) (2012)
  • Path Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award (2014)

Publications & Medical Journals

Dr. Blum has published over 500 abstracts, peer–reviewed articles and 15 books. He has served as Editor in Chief or editorial board member for many addiction related articles and journals . Some of these achievements:

  • Frequent contributor to Sober World and Addiction Professional magazines
  • Currently working with Merlene Miller and David Miller on their award winning book “Staying Clean and Sober”
  • Reviews published in top medical journals worldwide including Science, Nature, Lancet, JAMA, JAMA Psychiatry, PNAS, Plus One, Oncotarget, Cureus.
  • Lead author of a Springer Neuroscience Brief book on the 12 Steps -entitled “Molecular Neurobiology of Addiction Recovery.”
  • Contributor of the first ever “Neuroscience of Addiction” Reference guide, released in 2015, co developed with Dr. Mark Gold and 150 other contributors
  • Co-Editor-In Chief of Frontiers of Bioscience Special Issue on Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)
  • Editor-in-Chief of Human Pharmacology, Toxicology and Genomic reports
  • Co-Editor-in-chief for Addiction Genetics, Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome & Addiction Science
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief Neuroimaging in Psychiatry & Neurology
  • Adjunct Professor at Department of Psychiatry at University of Florida College of Medicine and McKnight Brain Institute and the University of Vermont.
  • Honorary Full Professor (Eötvös Loránd University, Institute of Psychology, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Emeritus Faculty of The Institute of Applied Genomics and Biotechnology, Nagpur, India.

Professorships & Academic Posts

Neuroscience Advisor to Companies

Companies and foundations turning to Dr. Blum for his expertise:

  • Dominion Diagnostics (Chief Scientific Adviser)
  • RDSolutions, LLC (Chief Scientific Officer)
  • Path Foundation NY (Director of Science)
  • Victory Nutrition
  • Impact Genomics

Current Posts:

  • President and CEO of IGENE, LLC, Austin Texas
  • Founding President United Science Group (USG)
  • Chief Scientific Officer of LaVitaRDS.

Other Achievements

  • Working on the first ever Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS) in conjunction with BodySync (Boulder)
  • Holder of many U.S. and foreign patents involving nutrigenomics
  • Sought after speaker on a global basis for insights into RDS and genetics.
  • publishing over 30 peer review articles including neuroimaging on the complex KB220.
  • in 1995 Dr. Blum coined the term “Reward Deficiency Syndrome” which is now in Microsoft’s Dictionary, Gates Scientific dictionary and will be featured in SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal Psychology (2017).

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  • Joint Commission
  • FARR
  • Rockers in Recovery
  • My FL Families
  • Best Place to Work
  • Addict's Mom
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