How to Successfully Transition Home After Rehab

How to Successfully Transition Home After Rehab

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Posted February 22, 2016

One of the many aspects of rehab which encourages a higher chance of success is the fact that they disconnect clients from the life they were living. The simple act of removing a person from the toxic environment they have become accustomed to throws off the flow of ritualistic behaviors which support relapse. For many, the interference with this pattern is a necessary stepping stone toward recovery.

The shelter of rehab doesn’t last forever though. Once clients have completed their treatment plan it’s on to the next phase, transitioning home.

The Offshore Plan: Transitioning Home from Rehab

After spending months away from home in a bubble of supportive peers, therapists, and healthy leaders, the transition back home is a crossroad of sorts.

There are questions to ask yourself:

Will I move back into the same house? Will I continue with the same job? Will I remain friends with the same crowd? Every decision made will either be in support of, or in spite of your recovery.

At The Shores Treatment and Recovery Center we have a real awareness of how the transition back home can impact an individual on their recovery journey. It is our goal to see long-term success in every client. As part of our continuum of care, we use what we call, The Offshore Plan.

  1. What is The Offshore Plan?

The Offshore Plan is a constructive plan for sobriety which clients create one-on-one with a counselor. Together, the client and counselor will look at every aspect of the client’s home life and decide which things will work in terms of maintaining sobriety, which things won’t, and how to handle the transition successfully.

  1. What is covered in the plan?

As we work with clients to create their unique Offshore Plan we cover all areas of the home life they will return to. We help them to fully and realistically assess the strengths of their environment as well as the potential pitfalls they may not have recognized. Depending on the problems, we begin to devise a new plan.

If the home is unsafe, we help our clients come up with transitional housing that will best suit their needs. If friendships were harmful, we figure out how to gracefully cut ties. If they don’t have a job, we begin looking into that as well. Once we have fully discussed all areas of the client’s home life we begin to integrate new practices which include: getting a sponsor, lining up support meetings, having a sober support system, and learning not to isolate. There is safety in routine. New practices allow for the formation of new routines which support a clean lifestyle.

Addiction is sneaky. During the transition home things happen which often seem harmless, like being offered a job at a bar. A bar work schedule means there’s no time to attend meetings, and on top of that you are surrounding yourself with people whose lifestyles don’t line up with what you want for yourself. We have to be able to see that these seemingly small situations can open the door for failure in sobriety. Having an outlined success plan and forming healthy routines makes it easier to say no to things that would otherwise become a stumbling block.

Every client comes from a different set of experiences and a different background. It is because of this fact that at The Shores Treatment And Recovery Center every client is equipped with a unique plan for success. Our goal is to provide a tool that will allow clients to head home with the confidence that they can be successful in sobriety anywhere, not just in treatment.

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