The Face of Drug Addiction in Florida

The Face of Drug Addiction in Florida

By In Addiction Recovery
Posted January 28, 2015

Drug use and addiction is on the rise everywhere in the United States, and Florida is no exception. A recent survey showed that Florida is 11th on the list of drug overdoses in US—more than double the amount  it was in 1999. Drug abuse is clearly a significant problem in the Sunshine State.

Each state has its own unique combination of illicit drugs available on the black market, so which are most responsible for Florida’s problem?

rehab near the seaMarijuana

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Florida, as in most places. For many people, this drug seems relatively innocent. Yet, most people in Florida seeking treatment for drug abuse cited marijuana as the cause of their addiction.

Prescription Pills

A recent NPR story called “The ‘Oxy Express’” details the epidemic of prescription pills in Florida. Doctors in Florida prescribe Oxycodone at an alarming 10 times higher rate than any other state in the US. This has caused police in Florida to focus their attention on prescription pill abuse, which has opened the door for…


When police cracked down on prescription pill abuse, heroin use became more popular. Overdoses due to heroin almost doubled from 2011 to 2012, and signs suggest that this problem will get worse before it gets better.

Cocaine and Bath Salts

While not as widely used as it once was, cocaine remains incredibly popular in Florida. After marijuana, it’s the most commonly mentioned reason for seeking treatment at a rehabilitation facility.

Along with cocaine, however, comes its alarming synthetic counterpart, known on the street as “bath salts.” This new designer drug is spreading quickly. Law enforcement crack down is hampered by the fact that its shifting chemical makeup allows it to avoid being placed on the list of controlled substances.

What Can Be Done About Drug Addiction?

With a drug problem this widespread, it’s likely that you know someone who has tried or is even addicted to one of these substances. If that’s the case, consider talking to them non-judgmentally about their habits, and advise them to seek the rehab that will work for them.

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