SynaptaGenX and Synaptamine for Addiction Recovery

SynaptaGenX and Synaptamine for Addiction Recovery

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Posted April 26, 2018

In addition to counseling and rehabilitation, medication is commonly used to treat addiction. These medications can help clients overcome the pain of withdrawal and find a less harmful alternative to illicit substances.

Opioid use disorders, for instance, are commonly treated with buprenorphine, methadone, and/or naltrexone. However, critics argue that many of these drugs are addictive themselves and only serve as addiction substitutes for those in recovery.

SynaptaGenX(a pill) and Synaptamine(the liquid form) are being presented as a new, natural alternative. Synaptamine hit the market first, and SynaptaGenX is a newer version. The amino acid formula is said to promote addiction recovery, lower the risk of relapse, reduce cravings and stress, enhance energy, and regulate mood.

How Was Synaptamine Developed?

Synaptamine was developed by a team of neuroscientists led by Dr. Kenneth Blum, who is best known for his research on the genetics of alcoholism. He’s also described as a “respected pioneer in amino acid therapy, addiction recovery, and brain health.”

It was designed to treat Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS), which is essentially a dopamine deficit. The supplement can help individuals struggling with addiction, ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain, PMS, and obesity.

How Do These Supplements Work?

When an individual stops using drugs or alcohol, they’re likely to experience painful or uncomfortable symptoms, both physical and mental. These supplements are intended to normalize brain chemistry by balancing neurotransmitters. This ultimately reduces cravings while improving energy, focus, cognition, and mood.

Blum explains that many individuals who excessively crave substances have a dopamine deficiency, which is due to genes and gene variations in the brain’s reward and pleasure systems. He describes this as Reward Deficiency Syndrome, or RDS.

What Is RDS?

Blum theorizes that when people consume whatever substance they’re addicted to (alcohol, drugs, even food), it activates or “lights up” brain systems including dopamine circuits. Several dopamine receptors are involved, but the most significant is the D2 receptor. When an individual’s D2 receptors are lacking, he’s more likely to suffer from conditions including OCD, ADHD, and addiction.

Unfortunately, the DRD2 gene, which grows D2 receptors, has multiple variants. And one of these variants, allele A1, causes a reduction in the number of D2 receptors. If you have allele A1, meaning you have less D2 receptors, you’re likely to have RDS.

Some people have up to 40 percent fewer D2 receptors than average, making their entire reward system relatively flat. Unsurprisingly, this can lead to thrill seeking and risky behaviors, including substance abuse.

This theory isn’t accepted by all experts, but it has gained increasing support in recent years.

Using SynaptaGenX for substance abuse disorder

According to Blum, this deficiency should be addressed early in the recovery process in order to promote long-term sobriety. For this reason, SynaptaGenX has been formulated to treat the brain’s entire “reward cascade,” providing the proper ratio of endorphins, serotonin, GABA, and enkephalins to produce an adequate amount of dopamine.

Dopamine reduces stress and produces a pleasant sense of well-being. It’s the normal rewarding feeling associated with meeting basic needs like food, pleasure, and safety. It’s also involved in focus, concentration, stress tolerance, and energy. When proper levels of dopamine are restored, sustainable addiction recovery becomes a likelier possibility.

Do SynaptaGenX and Synaptamine Really Work?

To date, over 30 clinical trials have validated these supplements as dopamine regulators. These studies show “profound activation of dopamine pathways,” which reduces both craving behaviors and stress.

SynaptaGenX has been shown to:

  • Reduce the need for benzodiazepines
  • Reduce withdrawal tremors
  • Reduce severity of RDS symptoms
  • Increase focus significantly
  • Increase recovery rates
  • Significantly decreases relapse rate after 10 and 12 months

Research on the long-term effects of SynaptaGenX and Synaptamine is lacking. But at least in the short-term, it’s clear that this formula makes sobriety more comfortable, which can lessen the urge to use again.

How Can I Get SynpataGenX Or Synpatamine?

Currently, SynaptaGenX, which is newer, is more widely available than Synaptamine. You can buy these supplements in stores or online, and no prescription is needed.

120 pills are included in each bottle, and adults should take two tablets daily. They should be taken on an empty stomach 1-2 hours before a meal.


Amino balance with SynaptaGenX

SynaptaGenX and Synaptamine are all-natural amino acid supplements that increase dopamine in the brain. Dr. Kenneth Blum claims that this is especially useful for individuals struggling with substance abuse, as dopamine deficits are a primary cause of most addictions.

Experts don’t agree on what causes addiction, but it’s established that higher levels of dopamine increases one’s ability to experience pleasure. It also helps reduce cravings and stress and improves focus, concentration, and overall mood.

For recovering addicts, this can make sobriety a more pleasant and less uncomfortable experience, which also makes sobriety easier to maintain.

At The Shores Treatment and Recovery we are proud to offer SynaptaGenX and Synaptamine supplements to our clients. For more information on these amino acid supplements call one of our addiction specialist at 1-888-249-2590 or click here.

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