Learning the Language of Addiction Recovery

Learning the Language of Addiction Recovery

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Posted March 8, 2016

Every industry has its own distinctive jargon; terminology that only those on the inside will understand.
As individuals in recovery make the progression from “addicted” to “recovered” they will go through a series of changes. These changes often include new terms, abbreviations and words that may be unfamiliar to family and friends. They can range from simple treatment definitions, to ideas and concepts about addiction and recovery.

Since we know that addiction affects the whole family, it’s important for everyone to understand and become a part of the world of recovery. The more the family knows and is “in the loop,” the more they become recovery enablers.

The first step would be learning a little bit about the language of addiction and recovery.

Treatment Center and Insurance Definitions

These are a few of the commonly used insurance or treatment related terms you may hear.

1. PHP – Partial Hospitalization
• Minimum of twenty-five hours of treatment per week.
• Housing is utilized for the sole purpose of assisting clients in the transition to independent living.

2. IOP – Intensive Out Patient
• Minimum of nine hours of treatment per week.
• Is effective for clients who do not require 24/7 structured residential treatment.

3. OP – Out Patient
• Minimum of one counseling session per week.

4. Detox
• Eliminating harmful substances within the body which occur due to use/abuse.

5. Halfway Housing / Sober House
• Independent, transitional housing with accountability and structure from inpatient to outpatient status.

Recovery Definitions

1. Co-Dependent
• Trying to control people, places and events in another person’s life to the degree that one’s own self identity is lost.

2. Enabling
• Reacting/responding to another person in such a way as to shield him/her from experiencing the full consequences of their behavior.

3. Abstinence
• The act of refraining from indulging in self destructive behaviors.

4. Denial
• The process for which one is unable to see or admit their need for help.

5. Obsession
• A persistent idea or impulse that cannot be controlled or eliminated by reason or logic. This will interfere with normal daily activities.

6. 12 Step Program
• A group of principals, spiritual in nature, which if practiced can expel the obsession to drink and enable the sufferer to become happy and whole.

7. AA/NA
• Support group meetings which teach the 12 Step Program and offer support and accountability as a way of life for the addict.

Family Based Recovery

What was once considered a solo mission is now being brought to the whole family. Recovery is more effective when we do it together. Family Based Recovery is changing the healing process and making it possible for everyone to receive the mending necessary for a healthy home and success in sobriety.

To learn more about Family Based Recovery at The Shores Treatment and Recovery Center, please feel free to contact Dr. Laura Olivos or Denise Marino at 888-968-5741.

Dr. Laura has achieved a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, her APA accredited pre-doctoral internship, and is now completing her post-doctoral psychology residency with us here at The Shores. Dr. Laura provides family based psycho-education on trauma and addiction, while guiding our clients at The Shores and their families into healing through a systematic approach.

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