From Heroin to Sobriety: One Girl’s Journey

From Heroin to Sobriety: One Girl’s Journey

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Posted August 10, 2017

Oh the struggles I never envisioned

My name is Destiny Kutkuhn and I am 25 years old. For 6 years I struggled with my addiction to heroin, crack, and alcohol. I tried getting clean many times but I couldn’t figure out how to let my old life go. Growing up I always had a vision for my life and how it would be and I can promise you the struggles I have faced were not in that vision.

Encouragement from parents

In January of 2016 after being awake for 3 days from a crack binge, my parents came to my house and begged and pleaded for me to go to treatment again. At first, I was not in agreement and I wanted them to leave me alone. I was mostly scared and embarrassed because I let the ones closest to me down and the thought of going to get help meant I was yet again starting my life from step one. After lots of tears I had a brief moment of clarity and I contacted The Shores. Thinking back to that day makes me cry because I remember the pain my parents and I were both feeling.

Embracing the process

When I arrived in Florida I was unsure of what my future held and I was so broken and afraid. This time around I completed my inpatient program, IOP, and lived in halfway for 6 months…things I had never done before. At this point I was determined to succeed. In your first year of sobriety you go through so many changes. Well, I went through quite a few changes including getting pregnant.

God has bigger plans

Destiny with her fiancé and child on a dock.

I kept my sobriety number one, I attended meeting after meeting, I utilized my resources at the center, I opened up about things that were affecting me, I told on myself when I was feeling weak, I leaned on my friends when I needed them, I stayed active in the recovery community, and most importantly I didn’t pick up NO MATTER WHAT. Because I choose Recovery every single day, I am able to be the best mother my son deserves, a loving and faithful fiancé, a daughter that my parents are proud of, a sister that can be counted on, and also be there for my best friend like she has been for me my whole life. On July 29, 2017, I have 18 months of continuous sobriety. Without God by my side through this whole process I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. He has bigger plans for my life than I ever imagined and I am so blessed. Thank you Shores, Virginia, and Alumni for being such a huge part of my journey!

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