Five Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks

Five Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks

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Posted December 6, 2017

The holidays are a difficult time for those in recovery. Champagne toasts, alcoholic holiday beverages, and drinking in general are especially common at this time of year.

It’s important for recovering addicts to make wise decisions. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, reject invitations to parties that you know will focus on drinking or drugs, and come prepared to any holiday parties that you do attend.

How do you prepare for a party? Know what you’ll say if someone offers you a drink, and have an “out” in case you begin to feel overwhelmed or tempted. It’s likely that there will be non-alcoholic options at the party, but it’s a good idea to bring some alcohol-free beverages of your own just in case.

However, just because you can’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t get into the holiday spirit. Whether you’re planning to BYOB or host your own sober soiree, here are five festive non-alcoholic holiday drinks.

  1. Non-Alcoholic Apple Pie Punch

Non-Alcoholic Apple Pie Punch

Nothing says “holiday drink” like apple cider, and this recipe turns the classic beverage into a tasty, non-alcoholic punch.

Not only is this punch delicious, it’s also easy to make! Simply combine apple cider, pear nectar (or white grape juice), and ginger ale, then throw in some diced apples and serve.

The end result tastes like apple pie, and you can even add in some spices if you prefer.

  1. Sleigh Driver

Sleigh Driver Non-Alcoholic Drink

Another tasty nonalcoholic punch, the Sleigh Driver combines pears, cranberries, lemon, vanilla, and ginger and adds them to the traditional warm apple cider.

This one takes a bit more preparation, but you’ll only be actively preparing the drink for about 15 minutes. In total, you’ll need 50 minutes to full mix and heat the cider.

If you’re making the drink for a party or gathering, you can prepare it up to a day in advance. Let it cool, cover and refrigerate. Then simply reheat on the stovetop or in the microwave and serve in heat-safe mugs.

  1. Sparkling Spritzer

If you want to enjoy what looks like a festive glass of champagne—without the alcohol—then this sparkling spritzer is the drink for you.

Combine Pinot Noir non-alcoholic sparkling wine soda, ginger ale, and lime juice, and pour into a wine glass. If desired, garnish with candied ginger to make your drink extra festive.

  1. Holiday Mocktails

If you prefer to celebrate with a holiday mocktail, you have several delicious and colorful options.

Try this sparkling berry and pomegranate mocktail from Casa de Crews if you want something quick, easy, and light. Ingredients include DASANI Sparkling Berry, pomegranate juice, and cranberries and thyme for garnish.

If you like your drinks beautiful and elegant, you might enjoy the ombre grapefruit mocktail from Handmade Mood. Grapefruit juice, simple syrup, Sprite, and ice combine to make this sweet and refreshing beverage. Serve in champagne glasses and decorate the rim with colored sugar for an especially elegant look.

Holiday Mocktails

Or perhaps you like classic drinks, like this Moscow Mule Mocktail from the Merrythought. It’s easy to make: Just mix non-alcoholic ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and club soda, then garnish with lime.

  1. Hot Chocolate

This drink is typically non-alcoholic already, but you can’t go wrong with a toasty cup of hot chocolate. Of course, you can use a store-bought mix, but homemade hot chocolate just tastes better.

For a classic hot chocolate recipe, try BA’s Best Hot Chocolate. It blends cocoa powder, whole milk, semisweet chocolate, and granulated sugar. Top with whipped cream, sprinkle with cocoa powder, and enjoy.

Hot Chocolate

Bon Appetit/Alex Lau

You can also enjoy a particularly festive twist with Martha Stewart’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Like most hot chocolate recipes, you use cocoa powder, milk, and semisweet chocolate chips, but you’ll also add in crushed peppermint and serve with a peppermint stick.

Or if you’re a true chocolate lover, you may want to try Double Chocolate Sea Salt Hot Cocoa from Brooklyn Farm Girl. This rich, creamy hot chocolate incorporates milk, brown sugar, white sugar, cocoa powder, and lots of chocolate chips. It’s topped with sea salt to balance out the extra chocolate, and you can also garnish with marshmallows and sprinkles.


Being sober doesn’t exclude you from the holiday celebrations—any (or all) of these festive concoctions can put you in the holiday spirit without compromising your sobriety.

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