Drug Rehab: A Holistic Recovery in Florida

Drug Rehab: A Holistic Recovery in Florida

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Posted December 29, 2014

What is Involved in a Rehab Program?

Many people get the idea that drug rehab has to be this serious thing where you sit in a room and tell horror stories from your life of drug addiction and then endure the long-lasting terrible pains of detox in a strange, clinical hospital dormitory. If this is what you picture drug rehab to be like, then you’ve got it all wrong!

Drug Rehab: a Holistic Recovery in FloridaHolistic Rehab Includes Healthy Activities

It’s important to remember that rehab itself is just another part of your life. It’s a very important part, and can be extremely challenging and hard, but it doesn’t need to be all tears and pain.

Think about it like this: Shakespeare’s most famous dramas are very sad and powerful, but he makes them so much more powerful by adding in comic relief. Without the comic relief—a breath of fresh air—the story is too depressing, and loses depth. The same thing goes for drug rehab.

You need to get outside and do fun activities with your recovery group. This will help remind you that rehab is just a part of life, and to find balance, you need to eat well and exercise and—well, why not go horseback riding on the beach or listen to some live music?

In Florida, Drug Rehab Can Be Fun!

Where can you find a rehab program that incorporates fun activities? If you’re tired of hearing about how rehab isn’t supposed to be fun and that it’s only tears and misery, look for a program that tries to incorporate some lightheartedness into it. For instance, The Shores Treatment and Recovery includes all of these activities and more into drug rehab:

  • Paddle-boarding
  • Kayaking
  • City tours
  • Trips to art and history museums
  • Canoe days
  • Music festivals
  • Trips to the movies

Drug Addiction Recovery: Living Outside the Box

The Shores incorporates healthy activities into its recovery programs to promote balance and self-discovery. The fact is that rehab is partially about getting over drugs, but the main thing is for you to live a better life. Find your better life at The Shores Treatment and Recovery.

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