The Connection Between Chiropractic Therapy and Addiction Recovery

The Connection Between Chiropractic Therapy and Addiction Recovery

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Posted August 7, 2015

“As an individual who received chiropractic care as part of my treatment program at The Shores, I can say that it most definitely was an integral part of my recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.” —Robin Bright (The Shores Treatment & Recovery Alumni)

But why?

What exactly does addiction recovery have to do with your spine?

Much more than you would actually think.

The Research: Chiropractic Therapy for Addiction Recovery

In 2001,  a research study performed at a Miami rehabilitation center showed us exactly how chiropractic care and addiction treatment are linked together. In the study, performed by Jay Holder, there were 98 patients who were separated into three different groups.

Group 1: Participants received the standard level of addiction recovery treatment provided by the facility, which did not include chiropractic therapy.
Group 2: Participants were told they were receiving chiropractic adjustments, but were not. They were actually seen by the chiropractor who was mimicking the act of performing adjustments.
Group 3: Participants from the third group were provided the actual chiropractic adjustments as promised (using the Torque Release Technique).

Here’s the results:

Group 1:  74 percent completed their addiction recovery treatment.
Group 2: 56 percent finished their addiction treatment.
Group 3: Those who did receive chiropractic, excelled in their treatment. 100 percent of this group made it through to completion.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Addiction Recovery

A man getting adjusted in addiction therapy

What was so special about the chiropractic care received by the third group? And how can it help you make the most of your addiction recovery? Here are a few of the benefits that third group reported:

  • Stress Relief- The beginning of your recovery is often filled with uncertainty, anxiety and even discomfort. Finding a way to relax and let go of all that stress isn’t something you may know how to do. Chiropractic treatment is a way to achieve the stress relief needed during this difficult time.
  • Emotional Comfort- At this point in your recovery, you may be experiencing a wide range of overwhelming emotions that you are unsure how to deal with. Chiropractic therapy helps to bring about an inner stillness and a clear mind. This, in turn, can allow you to process your thoughts and emotions in a more healthy and positive manner.
  • Decreased Pain- In some cases, pain is the cause individuals begin using substances they later become addicted to. Chiropractic therapy can help to identify and relieve that pain.

Chiropractic therapy offers additional benefits, like decreased cravings, decreased depression and anxiety, improved mental performance, lower cortisol levels, improved blood circulation and increased oxygen levels.

Dr. Jay Holder, creator of the Torque Release Technique and recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Prize in Medicine, explains the relationship between chiropractic therapy and positive outcomes in addiction therapy like this:

“How does a misalignment in your back interfere with the flow of chemicals in the brain? Emotions and feelings are felt not just in your head, but in your spine as well. If your spine is misaligned anywhere along its length, that condition can interfere with the proper operation of the limbic system and the flow of reward chemicals in your brain. Chiropractic therapy gets the dopamine flowing again, balancing the brain reward cascade.

How amino acids affect the brain

Of the 18,000 addiction programs in the U.S., the success rate with a 30 day drug-free model is about 46 percent with a retention rate of 60%. When you add Torque Release Technique (TRT), Auriculotherapy (a cranial nerve augmentation which has nothing to do with ear acupuncture) and neurotransmitter replacement therapy (4 amino acids) to that 30 day standard model, the outcomes improve to 86 percent with a retention rate of 100%.”

At the Shores, we provide an addiction recovery plan that fits your specific needs. We believe chiropractic care, auriculotherapy, and neurotransmitter replacement therapy are important tools that can greatly improve recovery outcomes, and offer them to each of our clients.

To find out more about The Shores Treatment and Recovery, chiropractic care and how it can help you through detox, withdrawal and addiction recovery contact us today.

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