Blessed with Recovery

Blessed with Recovery

By In Addiction Recovery
Posted April 14, 2018

The First Go Around

When I came to The Shores Treatment and Recovery Center I was full of fear and didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that I needed help beyond myself. I had hit rock bottom, my life had become unmanageable, I was losing everything that meant so much to me. I had lost my family, relationships, loss of financial security, loss of a place to live, loss of everything and a very long list of legal issues. I had a choice to make, ask for help or die.

I called The Shores and spoke to Andrew who immediately set up transportation to come get me for treatment. I was picked up by Tech Dillon who spoke about the treatment center and a little bit of his story. When walking in the doors I was welcomed with smiling faces, and friendly hugs by the staff. I was told “The nightmare was over”. While attending the Shores I met with a caring nursing/medical staff, Ms. Jill and Nurse Patti with a psychiatrist who helped me with all my medical needs. I was assigned a therapist, which I had individual sessions with frequently. I attended groups and was introduced to 12 step recovery programs. I decided after I was put into the next phase of care to leave and run from my legal issues. When left to my own devices I make terrible life decisions. It obviously caught up to me and I ended up in more trouble. I went down the same path I was originally at before entering the Shores. In fact I was given the suggestions to not leave, I did anyways. I obviously needed more help as I hit yet another bottom that was quicker and even worse than before. I had once again started that terrible cycle without caring about my consequences.

The Call I Needed

I could not understand why I would do this to myself again. I could not stop, and I became remorseful. At that time I had received a few calls from The Shores, one of them being Ben. He asked how I was doing and if I needed treatment that he would do all he could to help. The very next day Ben came to where I was and brought me back to The Shores. This time I was even more confused, desperate, depressed and baffled on how this happened again. I was again met with the very caring and loving staff members. I was met by Nick Marino, Lyle Fried, and so many others who wanted to make this stay count. They provided me with a plan and I made sure to follow the suggestions they had given me this time around. I was suggested to stay a little longer in the PHP/ Residential program and I did it willingly. I was openminded about the 12 step recovery programs that were mentioned to me. I stayed in the IOP/OP, and after care programs. I got involved with Alcoholics Anonymous, got a sponsor, and began working the steps. I got a home group and a service commitment at that home group. Then I finally started to work with other Alcoholics.

Recovery Works if You Work It

My life is much better today. I am grateful for The Shores and all the people God has put in my life down here. I was loved until I was able to start loving myself. The Shores is a vital part of my recovery. I am forever grateful for them introducing me to my 12 step fellowship, and bringing me to the God of my understanding. Every day gets better. I remain teachable and know that I now have a daily reprieve based on my spiritual condition. Recovery is possible. I am blessed living in God’s will, and I am living proof that recovery works if you work it.

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