Am I an Addict? A Question Worth Answering

Am I an Addict? A Question Worth Answering

By In First Steps, Relationships and Addiction
Posted January 11, 2016

My struggle with addiction lasted about ten years. I didn’t wake up one morning addicted to alcohol, it happened gradually. I drank socially, I drank alone, I drank to cope with bad days, I drank to make good days better, I drank to numb the pain of losing people I loved, I drank to escape an abusive relationship, and then I drank to stop the trembles…

In the beginning I could always rationalize my drinking. I would ask myself if I was drinking too much, and in the same moment assure myself I wasn’t. I just wanted to relax…

But I was addicted, and I had been on a path leading to addiction for a long time. Why didn’t I do anything to stop it?

I don’t know. To this day I don’t have an answer to that question. But if I could go back and stop myself, I would. To get those ten years with my children back, I would…

I Hear it All The Time…

My journey to recovery wasn’t easy. I detoxed, I lived in sobriety, I relapsed. I detoxed, I lived in sobriety, I relapsed. I relapsed. I relapsed. I relapsed. But I didn’t give up. I didn’t forget about the old Robin that loved her life, and her children, and her friends. Finally, I succeeded. I am currently living in success. In recovery.

I share my story all the time, because I wish someone would have shared theirs with me. I didn’t need to hear about some celebrity who disappeared to a magical island, where recovery works, and came back a different person. I needed to hear about a mom, some lady from church, my neighbor, someone I could relate to.

Maybe it’s because I’m relatable, maybe it’s because I’m candid, I don’t know really; but in sharing my story so openly, I have had countless encounters with men and women, teens and adults, all looking to share the truth about their addiction with me. One of the most common things I’ve heard is, “Do you think I’m an addict?”

Maybe you’re not really asking me if you’re an addict. Maybe you already you are. Maybe you’re just asking me if the same thing that worked for me, will work for you.

I Think So, But Just To Make Sure…

It’s hard to come to the conclusion that you have an issue. To admit a weakness, a flaw in the essence of you. If you’re looking for confirmation either way, here are a few signs, as defined by Medical News Today, that you may be struggling with addiction.

  • Have you tried to stop using, but found it to be extremely difficult and eventually gave up?
  • When you tried to stop using, did you experience intense cravings, mood swings, depression, etc.? Did you experience other physical changes such as trembling, nausea, or hallucinations?
  • Are you aware of the negative health impact using may cause, or already has caused, to your body but continue using regardless?
  • Do you decide against hanging out with friends or participating in other activities where using won’t be an option?
  • Is it more important to have a good supply of drugs or alcohol than it is to have food or electricity in the home?
  • Do you use in secret?

The signs of addiction go on and on. Do you relate to any, or most, of these queues? If so, it’s time to get help. Don’t allow years, or decades waste away in the name of addiction. Maybe you’ve already tried to stop using before, and maybe you feel like you failed, but it’s not failure until you stop trying.

Are you looking for help for yourself or a loved one dealing with addiction? Please contact The Shores Treatment and Recovery at (888) 775-9377. I found sobriety at The Shores, and I will be forever grateful for the care I received from the individuals at this facility.

If you aren’t sure whether treatment is right for you, feel free to call us with your questions. We have a caring staff that will be looking forward to your call. Don’t let another day slip away without making a change.

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