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Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery Now Available at The Shores

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery Now Available at The Shores

By In Addiction Recovery, Tools for Recovery
Posted March 22, 2017

One of the most challenging steps in an addict’s recovery path is transitioning from the structured environment of a rehabilitation center to the unsupervised world a person faces after completing a treatment program. To bridge this gap, Dr. Phil McGraw has created a virtual reality (VR) treatment tool called “Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery.”

The program represents Dr. McGraw’s four decades of experience in mental health and addiction recovery, and we are excited to be one of seven elite addiction treatment facilities in the country offering this cutting-edge technology.

How Dr. Phil’s Virtual Reality Program Works

This new treatment tool is designed to augment a client’s in-patient rehab experience and prepare the individual for his or her transition back into everyday life. The VR program is not a standalone addiction therapy.

Comprised of 29 total exercises, each exercise in Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery consists of two parts.

  1. First, clients have a “virtual sit down” with Dr. Phil where they are faced with life-like triggers and provided with the keys to deal with each trigger appropriately. Participants also learn how to identify and achieve the kind of life they want to live.
  2. Following each session, clients are asked to complete workbook exercises that focus on specific aspects of their lives and their way of thinking. Once the workbook is complete, VR participants discuss their answers with one of our certified addiction professionals.

Clients do not need to purchase any virtual reality equipment to receive this new treatment. State-of-the-art headsets are provided to participants for the most realistic and comfortable experience possible. As VR gear continues to change and develop, the technology at The Shores will be upgraded.

Check out this short video from Dr. Phil to learn more about the exciting new treatment option available at The Shores. Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery virtual reality program is now available to individuals seeking addiction help at The Shores Treatment and Recovery.

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